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The Description of a New World

"The Description of a New World, called The Blazing-World", written by Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, published in 1668, was one of the first utopian sience fiction novels written by a woman at that time.

By her work, her husband, William Cavendish, was inspired to write a poem in which he praises her creativity and imagination:

To The Duchesse of Newcastle, On Her New Blazing-World.

Our Elder World, with all their Skill and Arts,
Could but divide the World into three Parts:
Columbus, then for Navigation fam’d,
Found a new World, America ‘tis nam’d;
Now this new World was found, it was not made,
Onely discovered, lying in Time’s shade.

Then what are You, having no Chaos found
To make a World, or any such least ground?
But your Creating Fancy, thought it fit
To make your World of Nothing, but pure Wit.
Your Blazing-World, beyond the Stars mounts higher,
Enlightens all with a Cœlestial Fier.

(Source: Wikipedia)